AITforyou Auditory Integration Training

Prior to the first Auditory Integration Training session, the participant will need to

Audiogram/tympanogram information

In order to determine the exact settings for your individualized AIT sessions, it is necessary for each participant to have a tympanogram and an audiogram scheduled with an audiologist 1 to 2 weeks prior to AIT. If your child needs to learn to wear headphones , it is important to work on that skill before going to the audiologist.

He/she will be presented with a series of pure tones through headphones to determine his/her threshold of each tone. A second test, the tympanogram, will measure the functioning of the middle ear system. The audiogram may then be repeated prior to the eleventh and after the twentieth training sessions.

You should make an appointment to have your child's hearing test repeated on the afternoon of the 5th day of AIT or the morning of the 6th day of AIT. If it is determined after the first audiogram that your child does not need a second audiology appointment, the appointment can be cancelled.

The audiologist should test ALL OF the following frequencies:

  • 500Hz
  • 750Hz
  • 1,000Hz
  • 1,500Hz
  • 2,000Hz
  • 3,000Hz
  • 4,000Hz
  • 6,000Hz
  • 8,000Hz
Please ask the audiologist to fax a copy of your child's audiological evaluation at 262-569-1011. It is best to receive the results from the audiologist one week prior to the AIT session.

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How to prepare your son/daughter to wear the headphones for Auditory Integration Training

This is a frequently asked question. I want to assure you that I have worked with over 1250 individuals, most of them children under the age of 10, many of them never tolerating headphones, hats, or hair bands previously, and some violently opposed to the headphones, and he/she had many interfering issues which needed to be worked through before we could begin the Auditory Integration Training .

Your child will need to become accoustomed to wearing large cup headphones.Yes, some children DO struggle on the first day - that is because they are not accustomed to wearing the big "cup-style" headphones, which is what you will need to use when you practice with your child. I can't tell you the number of times I have heard on the first day of training. "I can't believe this really worked. We practiced at home - she's doing it!! She's wearing headphones!!" It really makes a difference to practice.

Here are some ideas which might help you help your child prepare for Auditory Integration Training.
  • Begin as soon as possible to practice with full ear size padded headphones, commonly used in school listening labs and with home stereo systems.
  • Begin by placing the headphones on the outside of the ears but not touching the ears or head; the child will hear the music but will not feel the headphones.
  • For the child who is tactile defensive, it is recommended that you begin teaching your child to accept touch. Start by desensitizing and work your way from larger body parts to smaller ones.
  • Have a reinforcer ready so that you can immediately reward your child's performance.
  • Sit facing your child (have an extra person to help with training initially, if possible), put the headphones on for a brief time, then YOU take the headphones off and say "Great job, you wore the headphones." Do this for 5 seconds, on, off, reward. Then for 1 minute, then for 2 minutes, then 5 minutes. This is important - YOU remove the headphones, not the child.
  • Some children do better with music on while others have an easier time when there is no sound coming though the headphones.
  • Do you have a way to plug headphones into the TV??? If so, turn off the sound on the TV speakers, plug in the headphones, put your child's FAVORITE video, and let him/her listen to the video through the headphones.
  • Try putting favorite or familiar music on for your child to listen to on the headphones.
  • Try establishing a special television time where your child can watch his favorite video or television show through the headphones.

I want to emphasize that this technique has worked for MANY children and they have had uneventful AIT sessions because they practiced. You have the opportunity, beginning now, to practice 3 to 5 times a day for 5 minutes at first, then increase it, little by little.

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