AITforyou Auditory Integration Training

The Sound of a MiracleAIT was developed in France by Dr. Guy Berard, an Otolaryngologist, and was introduced in the United States in 1990 following the release of the book by Annabel Stehli, THE SOUND OF A MIRACLE .

Dancing in the RainIn her book, Ms. Stehli describes her child, Georgiana, who was diagnosed with autism at the age of four, and the progress she made after a ten day AIT session in France. Ms. Stehli also edited DANCING IN THE RAIN and THE SOUND OF FALLING SNOW, two collections of stories written by parents of exceptional children. In 1999, Georgiana Thomas published her book, OVERCOMING AUTISM, in which she details her feelings and experiences as an autistic child. Georgie provides a carefully drawn map of one person's journey to normal-range functioning.

Dr. Guy BerardAccording to Dr. Berard, processing problems may occur if one hears some sound frequencies much better or not as well as other frequencies. When a certified Audiologist administers a diagnostic audiogram, the results frequently reveal auditory imbalance in many individuals with auditory processing challenges and developmental disabilities.

The equipment used in Berard AIT modulates and randomizes high and low frequency sounds and intensity levels, reducing one's ability to predict an incoming auditory signal. The equipment also has the capability of filtering frequencies determined by an audiologist and the AIT therapist to benefit the process for each individual participant. There are three machines which are presently being utilized for Berard Auditory Integration Training, the Audiokinetron, manufactured in France, the BGC Audio/Enhancer Trainer, built in San Diego, CA, and the Earducator, manufactured in South Africa. Ms. Silverman and her staff utilize all three of the AIT electronic modulation devices. The specific music used during the AIT process must cover a wide range of frequencies and have a good tempo or beat. Most music does not meet this criteria. Electronic engineers have reviewed over a thousand CDs and created a list of 70 CDs that can be used in AIT sessions. Unlike other auditory training programs, in Berard AIT classical music plays a very small part. The approved CDs are mostly jazz, pop, reggae, and contemporary rock.

How does AIT work?